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Dear Publishers, Writers, Animators, Script Writers, and Internet Friends, Welcome to my site! My name is Irina Taluk Torbetskaya. I live in Belarus. I am a happy 33-year old wife and mother of three wonderful children. It has been my privilege to work as a professional Russian proof-reader and I have been an Internet Proof-reader for nine years. I studied at Minsk State Educational University, Russian department. My husband has created this site, as we both have agreed that it would be great to publish my poems and stories for children. My ultimate goal and what we both desire is that the fairy tale “Sharkovshchina Meadow” which I have written might be published. “Sharkovshchina Meadow” is a new, not-yet-published book for children and parents—full of fun and adventure. This serial story is 40 series now. Our other hope is for me to be able to continue helping others in text correction.

Новая сказка для детей и взрослых "Шарковщинская полянка", полная приключений и смешинок, о Божьей Коровке Анжелине, Букашке Богдашке, Пчелке Нике, Бабочке Арине, Майском Жуке Жармене и др. ИЗДАНА!

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